Handmade Table Runners

I have wanted to make these ever since I won the giveaway over at Little Betty's...I love the Scarlett Fig Tufted Tweets fabric and I wanted to create something homewearsy out of them as oppsed to clothing.
Pondering gifts for this Christmas season my Grandma suggested I could make tablerunners and the two clicked together perfectly.
To make the most out of the fabric I cut each fat quater in half and then cut the linen double the length for the centre piece. I did a bit of mixing and matching and made each on reversible.
I also added some ric-rac to the beige linen to tie the colours in.
I was very proud of myself when I got these finished and as you can see I took many photos posing them before they were wrapped and handed out on Saturday!
How is your Christmas crafting coming along?
As time is slowly slipping away I have a few things I need to get done but don't feel too overwhelmed....but maybe I am fooling myself!


  1. Love it!! Might have to add these to my list too!
    Sorry I missed yesterday. The husband got called in to work, so I was left with three hot and bothered kiddies to take care of. talk soon. c

  2. No worries! Life happens! I hope you are getting some relaxing time in-between your sewing and family time!


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