The winner of last weeks giveaway is:

I'm a new follower. I would have to say the last time I laughed that hard was probably when hubby and I first were dating. We loved to crack each other up and be playful (not that we still dont' but never have the time anymore)

Drop me a line with your details HERE and I will send it out!

This week I am giving away all the BROWN and CREAM in the above picture!


So here is the go:

Like most people who blog I love to watch my number of followers tick got up to 45 once and then has settled into a comfortable 42 for a while I have decided that this series of giveaways will be for my loyal followers...if you want in just join the awesome crew and leave a comment on each giveaway post. Already a follower? YOU ROCK! Just comment on the posts and you are entered too!

This weeks giveaway is a pack of BROWN and CREAM fabric and trims (without the jar)...perfect for quilting, present wrapping, softies and even some big enough pieces for garments!

SO to make it interesting please leave a comment in response to: What is your favourite film?

Guess what one of mine is? Amelie!

Bet you never would have guessed!

This giveaway will be drawn next Friday so you have a week!


  1. hmmm, only one?
    I can't, I just can't but here's my top Tops:
    1. Saving Grace
    2. Bubble Boy
    3. The Price of Milk
    4. Tank Girl
    5. Grandma's Boy

    The Chook Man and I saw Amelie in the theaters when it came out. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt for 2 days.

  2. Mmmm... my favourite film. Blade Runner has always been a favourite... yep - I can't think of anything better :)
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. My favorite film is Gone With The Wind


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