So I might have gotten a little excited...

So I was talking it over with the husband after finishing off the girls' Christmas outfits and we decided that we will give them to the girls at the start of the Christmas season so they get some wear out of them and can look all festive through December.

So this left me with a little dilemma...the romper I made for Clementine is size 9m and she currently 6m....what else could I do but make another one!?!?!?! I whipped out the fabric and CAREFULLY cut it out this time so it was all aligned YAH and made a smaller romper for Clementine to wear! I loved making it again and am glad she will get more Christmassy wear!
Aww...don't they look cute together!
9m and 6m

Look how perfectly the pattern is centred and where the top flower would have been will be Clementine's beautiful face...okay I have gone too far!

Back with white vintage button (a bit hard to see but very cute!)

I used a thicker elastic on the legs of this one as I ran out of 1/4 inch elastic and HAD to make it then! You know the feeling!
Little white vintage button as closure!

So...I have put the 9 months romper in my ETSY shop...and here I thought I would not have time to make anything new for a while!

I also mended this dress on Sunday....the waist elastic had perished which made me wonder exactly how long have I had this dress?? Anyhow it now has a new lease on life....and I really need to get some more 1/4 inch elastic....I guess there is another fabric shop in the works!


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