An Important Note to Crafty Folk Who Want to Have Children

AKA My Creative Space

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on some important advice I wish I had known before I had children. It is essential that you choose a short name for your child! Believe me you will thank me later...two, three letters tops and you will be alright. Now I am not sure what possessed me to agree to a TEN letter name....but my hand is feeling it now...and I am only up to the fourth letter. So people please stick to the Joy's, Ben's, Lo's and Kim's if you know what's good for you!

For more advice from other crafty folk head over HERE


  1. haha, thought about a monogram instead? This must be the reason everyone calls me B instead of Bianca. Great stitching!

  2. Yes I was indeed a fool...made worse by making Amelie a Santa sack with an embroidered name....never thinking of future implications!!! Tsk Tsk!!!


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