Voting Maths

Unknown Source (if you know let me know! I love it)

So I was thinking....I currently have 26 followers....and 278 friends on Facebook which even in my dodgy maths adds up to

304 Lovely Folks

I must say that that 17 amazingly beautiful and clearly intelligent people have already voted.....and to you I say THANK YOU SO MUCH....

To the remaining 287 of you, I know you have just been waiting for the final week so to you I say go for it have 7 days left!!! Do it.....

Go and have a look at the work HERE on Flickr


Also while you are at it why not load some photos into the group yourself!?!?!?!?

It's a bit lonely in there all by myself!

PS I promise never to use Maths again on this Blog!


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