28 October 2009 Daily Inspiration

Goodbye films, goodbye noir, you have been so good to me....

....now I just need to get stuck in a finish my photos for the month....they are on hold tonight as I have to get stuck in and finish a She-ra costume for the little one for Halloween....so little time so many accessories to sew....why didn't you just wear the dress??? But it will be worth it as Amelie loves She-ra....and I can't wait to see if she recognises herself when she is all dressed up....stay tuned for awesome photos next week.

For today's final inspiration I will finish with the highly successful and stylised neo-noir Sin City. Filmed dramatically in black and white with accents of bold colour. The film was based on the comics by Frank Miller whose artistic vision was carried over into the film. I love these images below that show the comparison between the comic books and the film.


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