8 October 2009 Daily Inspiration

Welcome to the wonderful world of TECHNICOLOR where the colours will amaze you!
We shall begin this journey with none other than The Wizard of Oz.
One of my favourites as a munchkin and indeed now as I am older it's magic has not rubbed off.

I still want to be part of the Lullaby League

Be given a large lollipop

Dance happily down the street

See the lights of the big city

Have fun with friends

And score some magical ruby red slippers!

Just like this little one did!

I had to add one of Amelie as Dorothy for her 1st Birthday in April 2009

I hope these TECHNICOLOR dreams inspire you to shoot some work this week!


  1. ohhhhh she is soooooo cute !I so want her little red shoes :)




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