Amelie and Atticus Photography and Craft Challenge Restructure?

Only 2 more hours to vote!! Very exciting...get in there if you haven't already!

Now on a sad note I have been putting off announcing the prize for October as there have been no uploads to the Flickr set besides my own....sob sob.....they are very sad to be so lonely and have no sadly for October there will be no prize UNLESS the Flickr group is inundated with photos that have been hiding out on people's photostreams and computers!!

In light of this I have been thinking about restructuring the challenge to make it more user friendly and invite more additions to the group so that we can be inspired by each others work and get excited about photography!

So I am looking for feedback from everyone out there!!

The question is....what would it take for you to participate?

1. One theme a month as opposed to weekly

2. One photo to be submitted weekly or monthly

3. More awesome prizes

4. More loosly based themes (portraiture, light etc.)

5. No themes just a place for people to show new work and discuss

6. Links from my blog to yours when you showcase new work

7. Ditching the craft aspect

8. Increasing the craft aspect

All your comments would be truly appreciated as I want this to suit most people, be fun and not demanding and grow in size! Even if you are just a watcher please let me know what you would like to see more of!

You can comment anonymously if you please!!

Thanks in advance!! Love you work!!

PS Reminder to anyone joining in the Canon Photo5 Competition entries close on Sunday night (1 November) midnight!! I gotta get to shooting!

It just feels wrong to have a post without pictures so here is a sneak preview of the back of a current super secret project I am undertaking....shhh....don't tell anyone!


  1. im so sorry for not uploading any oct pics because ive been really busy with vce exams but i will over the holidays

    well i think one theme every month is good and upload three photos for that theme

    and it would be nice if this challenge would be promoted more as it is a very beautiful photography competition. maybe again in frankie perhaps?

    thanks x

  2. I've been so busy too - once a month would be amazing for me as I could work on it when I find the time :o) I haven't wanted to add for a while because I couldn't keep up

    Nichola aka Pin Tweaks


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