22 October 2009 Daily Inspiration

The classic film noir Double Indemnity gives us LOADS of ideas for props and lighting for our photos this week...
Sunglasses and Hats are an essential disguise if you want to remain unnoticed, a shifty look also helps (great props idea...just throw in a supermarket and some black and white photography and you are set)

Shots can be composed obscuring characters and creating an air of mystery! This shot has a nice balance ratio of 1/3 to 2/3.

The Shadow of Blinds is ESSENTIAL.

A Brooding Hero and Desperate Heroine are classic characters to recreate!
Please note the Shadow of Blinds cannot be overdone....throw them in everywhere, sit down with a good drink and you are set!
Good Luck with your ideas and shooting this week....it should be a fun one!


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