6 October 2009 - Daily Inspiration

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I have chosen the four images from the Superheros and Villains week. I love the work she did, it tells a cute story!
She also has some excellent work in her photostream HERE....so check it out!
The Adventures of Bag Man!

A reminder to all participants to upload your September photos to the group TODAY to be included for the voting!!
Head over HERE and pop them up now!! Or just go to have a look at the latest work!
Stayed tuned for voting everyone!!
PLUS don't forget to check out yesterday's Daily Inspiration.....apologies for the delay!! Happy Shooting!


  1. Hello! I have been thinking of you guys hoping all is well. Have been off the radar with making and photographing things - too busy wedding planning!! saw a great photography blog today from a girl in sydney - you might have already seen it http://www.52suburbs.com/

    talk soon

  2. Thanks - I hadn't seen it...am checking it out now....I am thinking of heading over to Cronulla for my b'day to take Amelie to the beach....love her photos!


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