2 September 2009 Daily Inspiration

I was searching for some inspiration yesterday for the theme EYES SHUT. On my wanderings I discovered the beautiful art of ART and GHOSTS.

These amazing works are created digitally and the artist has a background in collage, photography and fine art.

In her bio she describes herself succinctly, saying:

'Up until the age of seven, Art&Ghosts rather fancied that she was actually a small sycamore tree instead of real person. Upon discovering that this was not so, Art&Ghosts could not be consoled, however much her family sought to comfort her. After twenty or so years of growing and forgetting, Art&Ghosts has unwittingly endeavored upon a pilgrimage back to her roots (yes, roots), in an effort to reclaim her arboreal state, her reserved place in nature.'

The images below reflect this weeks theme of EYES SHUT and I hope they provide you with as much inspiration as they have foe me this week. All these works are from the series IMAGINED PORTRAITS but I urge you to go and have a look at her ONLINE PORTFOLIO for more amazing images!


Black Cherry

Tippy Tan (A Childhood Revival)

Art and Ghosts ONLINE SHOP


  1. Thank you for sharing these, especially with the watermarks and so on. Tippy Tan is a personal favourite, so im really happy to see her here!

    All the best!
    lou x

  2. Thanks for letting me!!

    Tippy Tan was the first one I found, my favourite too!

    Great work, keep creating beautiful work!


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