24 September 2009 Daily Inspiration

The Amazing Photography of David Sykes

Light Breakfast

Spaghetti Hoops

These photographs have been doing the rounds on a couple of blogs I follow HERE and HERE.
I love the contrast in the sizing and thought it would be a perfect example of bringing opposing sizing together to create a spectacular image. I love the ideas behind them both and think about how I would love to come up with something just as amazing for my work! I also love how he had the enormous plate specially made for the work!
David's work is largely commercial and he has come up with some amazing ad campaigns. I am currently putting on my thinking cap and trying to come up with something equally as awesome!
I am also currently a bit stumped by the Canon EOS Photo 5 Compeition - is any one else entering?? How are you finding it??
See more of David's portfolio HERE and blog HERE.


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