26 September 2009 Daily Inspiration

For this week of opposite I have decided to shoot things around the house that Amelie has broken to show the other side of the poor object that she destroys (mostly accidentally).

Saddest of all was Friday night when she accidently smashed my snow globe from New York City. I got it on my journeys in 2005 when I was traveling the world by myself. It meant a lot to me but I loved playing with Amelie and the globes she got so excited to see the 'now' (snow). It rolled off the dresser after she put it back upside down. I just had enough time to snatch Amelie out of the way before it smashed on the ground. I reassure myself by thinking that I saved the more precious one! Plus now I will have to head back to NYC to get another globe!! How exciting!

It no longer snows in New York City

Amelie Broke Me - Basket used for the Flower Girl our Wedding!

Amelie still loves to carry around the broken basket but is a little confused to why it doesn't work right!

I will have to find two other things that she has broken...this should not be a hard endeavor!

I hope you are enjoying shooting this week....I will be announcing the prize for August this week and I am very excited about this one!!! I look forward to seeing all your work!


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