27 September 2009 Daily Inspiration

As predicted I found two more things that Amelie has broken! A little book I got in England and a black and brown beaded bracelet that I made a few years ago!

'The Littlest Book in England' just got a little smaller.

Amelie Broke This - Beaded Bracelet - I am not sure if we found all the beads yet!

I have also been trying to get more crafting done....I finally finished my laptop cover for my new laptop - it is Snow White fabric from Retro Mummy and matches the Snow White Decal I just added!! There is also a stitchery I finally finished from the Craft Bar at the Stitches and Craft Show - it is for my husband and now hangs in his workroom.

Laptop Cover

Inside of Laptop Bag

Sexy Librarian Stitchery from Sublime Stitching - I started it at the Stitches and Craft Show and finished it this weekend.


  1. The black and white fabric is fantastic and I love the Snow White with her Apple!

  2. ooohh im loving everything on here, apart from the broken things. i should take a photo of my bday present amelie had a play with hahah

  3. Yes sadly Amelie has left a path of destruction!! We are thinking of redesigning the home to make it more kid-friendly! Last night she ripped a page in the Wicked program. She got into trouble and was very sad!


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