Week 2 - RED
8 July - 14 July 2009

RED is my favourite colour, above is my favourite Yeondoo Jung photograph and below is my favourite Joe Sorren work. Red reminds me of blood and of being a hot-blooded Scorpio, red haired folk who are usually orange coloured! Love to all the red heads out there...I actually think the only people I know are husband, daughter, mother, all my in-laws and my best friend!!

Today in honor of RED I am wearing my favourite red cardigan, buttoned all the way up to combat the cold...

I hope you all have fun spotting, photographing and creating with RED in your life whether literally or figuratively and I look forward to see the results.

The images are steadily coming into Flickr from the YELLOW week....keep them coming and check them out LOVE the work that has been uploaded so far, very impressed!!


  1. Red heads rule ... from a retired red head, who uses red in her email address, red in her blog nom, known infamously known up and down the east coast of Australia as RED ... what a rederiffic start to my first week of the challenge ;)

  2. I love it...keep up your REDNESS!!


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