How To Join and Upload Your Photos To The Amelie and Atticus Photography and Craft Challenge on Flickr

Step 1: Join the Challenge by Sending Me an Email 

(Click on the 'Join the Challenge' Link on the Right)

Step 2: Join Flickr 

Step 3: Find the 'Amelie and Atticus Photography and Craft Challenge' group on Flickr - under the top toolbar GROUPS click on SEARCH FOR GROUP. If you type in 'AMELIE AND ATTICUS' it is the only one that comes up. Follow the links to request access. 

Alternatively USE THIS LINK

Step 4: Once you have been granted access start uploading your weekly photos. 4 Photos and 1 photo of a craft project (applicable if you are participating in this section too)

Step 5: A monthly prize will be awarded to a member....good luck and happy snapping and crafting!!


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