A Week of Special Stuff

Day Four

I have many special things that I have collected from my childhood. Mostly things that have been given away as I grew up I have rediscovered through second hand books stores and the Internet. I Love my GOLDEN BOOK collection and my favourite illustrator is Eloise Wilkin. Her images have stayed with all my life and I have now amassed all of her works. My favourite one that I remember from my days as a small human is 'Where Did the Baby Go?' it fascinated me and I loved the little girl searching the house for this baby.....here are some of my favourite images and books:

Where did the Baby Go? I love her hat too, I always wanted one like that....

The New Baby

I love this book....so cute....

This reminds me of games we used to play at Sunday school

This makes me think of little Amelie one day in the future.....


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