Amelie and Atticus Monthly Prize JULY

This months prize has been donated by The Creative Haven - A collaboration between textile artist Carly Prowse (Busy Bird) and film maker Andrew Altree-Williams. Please check out their Blogs and Shop.

The prize is an AWESOME jigsaw puzzle of a still from their short film. It also features a hand embroidered pouch and postcard so you can see what you are putting together.

With this months prize I will also be including a lunch/tote bag that I have made from Alannah Hill fabric and a craft pack.....see the pictures below.

As this months featured sponsor The Creative Haven have a month long AD on this blog, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor please let me know.

I am aware that this prize is a little 'girly' and I ensure that the next months prizes will be more unisex!!

ALSO you may be wondering how will the prizes be awarded??? Well I am a person of constant change and as such I want to do a different method each month, for example we will have guest judges picking their favourites, a group vote from participants and other fun ways. I want to mix it up and keep it fair as beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think you have all been doing AWESOME work!

This month the winner will be chosen by our Guest artist Andrew Battye. He will be judging the work anonymously and the winner will be announced on Friday the 31st July 2009.


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