6 July 2009 Daily Inspiration

3191 Miles Apart
They have beautiful photos and project ideas.

Here is their blurb:
We are Stephanie and MAV. We like to get up early. We don't stay up too late. We live 3191 miles apart ... in Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine. At 3191 Miles Apart, we post weekly thoughts and images about simple living and our current inspirations. You will find pieces on food and drink, our homes and everyday lives, our neighborhoods and our travels. We post on Fridays and do not discuss our ideas at all beforehand. Happily, we will also be continuing our tradition of diptychs. Each week we will pick a time of day or small daily event and take photographs to be paired together here; as ever....
Personally I love the idea of themes...as you can tell and the images that they have created can be seen in their book:


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