Waste Not Want Not Vintage Style

I was brought up never to waste anything which is both as blessing and a curse...great for making the most of everything but it's really tough to throw things out when you need to!

This time it's a blessing!

I've been saving all my scraps from my vintage sheets (left over from making dresses and bloomers), and the time has come to make something amazing with them!

From a pile of scraps...

...to an assortment of squares - to make the most of the scraps - that will end up making a quilt/s

...and the small scraps will be saved for future mini projects like fabric buttons or embroidery art like THIS

Slowly the piles are getting larger!

Some more small scraps for mini work!

...and all that is left are the wee little bits to small to be stitched!

So before you throw out your scraps think again...you can always make something amazing!


  1. You've almost entered the world of Crazy Patchwork :) Those patterns would be gorgeous as bags for summer ... honestly they'll be gorgeous in anything you choose to create, you're so clever ♥

  2. I can't throw any fabric scraps away either! Looks like it will be a gorgeous quilt:) Cyndy

  3. I love your vintage sheet fabrics (swooning over the pink and orange one in your picture). I also keep most of my scraps. I've got a small collection of vintage sheets and am on the lookout at opshops, but they are so hard to come by especially ones with beautiful colours. I'm dreaming of making a quilt. Cx

  4. I have a really difficult time throwing out scraps too. Just in the last week, I've got a plastic ziplock bag full of them. This week, between other projects, I'm going to be cutting those up into squares to use as leaders and enders. I've been wanting to make a leader and ender quilt for ages.


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