Little Castle Baby

 I've been experimenting with my screen printing this week and finally got to make this screen I have been dreaming of for a while now!

 The print is inspired by one of my favourite scenes from Castle Season 2 (Episode 22 Food to Die For). If you haven't seen really should...or you can pop over and see the scene HERE.

(nice and stained after 5mins of wear :-) )

I printed up a onesie and two shirts...but I hate to waste I screen so I also printed some plain calico and some printed fabric that I will make some random creations with!

Screen Printing Prep

To make the print I printed out the words and carefully cut out each letter.

 If you want to make one it's easy to Screen Print as above or you could use this awesome freezer paper tutorial if you don't have a screen!

Now for some cute pics of my little Castle baby AKA Mini Alexis!

A cute little tee for Halloween or everyday...cause everyday is Castle day!


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