Make It Count

This week we got down to some baking, crafting and some science time!

Our lovely neighbours gave us some bags of oranges so we made some juice, a cake and some muffins!

Working hard for the juice!

The chocolate-orange cake was inspired by this cake...I added fresh squeezed orange juice and rind to an easy kid's chocolate cake recipe I've been making since my youth!

We also made some mini muffins that Clementine and I have demolished!

For craft time I picked up these dolls from the shops and Amelie loved putting them together...and Clementine loved popping out all the stickers and chucking them all over the floor...a win for all...except me!

We also tried this experiment we saw here....make ice in bowls...the use salt and food colouring to create awesome suspected Amelie had the most fun getting the excess liquid out bit by bit!

Now it's time to settle back with a cup of tea and a mini muffin!


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