Make It Count

We've been getting up to some interesting crafts lately...

I tried to get Amelie into paper making...we pulled out the kit and she was all keen...then she headed off and told me I could do it for her...well I wasn't keen on that but I thought I would re-live my youth and make me some paper...

It turned out very thick and took days...and some of the thicker pages weeks to dry. 

Sadly one also attached itself to two of Andy's hand drawn illustrations and dyed them with a lovely shade of mold. ARHHH!

In the end here is what we had...some lovely pink pages. 

I then tried to get Amelie excited about making shapes from them...she gave up pretty quick and these pages ended up in the recycling bin after many weeks of sitting on my shelf.

Basically a make it count no more paper making for a long while!

But then we made a cake...which was good!

Yummy hearty goodness!

And then it was time for a favourite game of mine...I like to think of it as distracting the kids as much as possible to get things done!

They think of it as adventure get a basket/bucket and send them out in the garden to collect flowers-leaves-rocks-ANYTHING! If I had more of a range of flowers in the yard I would send them on a rainbow hunt...but we have maybe 3 colours at the best of times!

This is my go to activity when I run out of creative ideas...I might soon hide things for them to hunt for!

Adventure Away!


  1. That reminds me of recycling paper in year 7 at school... I recall our class doing it for weeks (but it probably wasn;t that long at all!)
    I love the idea of a treasure hunt in the backyard. Kids always have much more fun with the simple things & their imagination :)

  2. Awww your kids are so cute :) What a great idea to go rock hunting in the garden, I think my boy would like that too :) Keep up introducing her to these cool crafty activities, she might not last long at some of them right now but they're all going in somewhere! Yummy looking cake, too :)

    Naomi x


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