Tales of Woe

Now for starters I wasn't quite sure if I was going to share my woes with the world...but then they just kept mounting and it was really getting to the point of ridiculousness...the bad just kept coming...I've heard of the three rule...perhaps we got a few rounds it!

The first one is the saddest. 

We found out we were pregnant with our third in June...on Andy's birthday...here is me looking all excited at  2 months pregnant!

Sadly we lost the baby in early August. It was 11 weeks and 1 day old!

It was sad, it was tough and it was bizarre. We are all doing well and getting back into the swing of things...but then there have been a few other things that have happened...

Our car door and window were smashed in an accidental backing incident...the blue ute is to blame!

The door and window had to be replaced! Thankfully no-one was in the car at the time as it shattered Amelie's door!

Our clothesline blew over and snapped in the strong winds...with a couple of loads of washing on it!

Amelie had (still has!) a vomiting bug...which has meant a couple of rounds of change the bed sheets in the middle of the night! HURRAH! But to add some pretty pictures here is the quilt drying on the line!

My first big quilt that I ever made with crazy patch work and all hand quilted!

I'm still kinda proud of it! It's almost 10 years old...how can that be?!?!

THEN our electric blanket caught fire in the middle of the night and burnt through our mattress, sheets and blankets! Thankfully we all survived this too!

So it's been pretty nutters over here! 

Time for some awesomeness to head out way!

It's lucky I have these two cuties around to keep me smiling!

Amelie already has her eye roll down pat!

And Clementine freely supplies the smiles and the cuddles! 


  1. It can only get better from here Thouraya, for both of us!

    1. Thanks!! I agree...there are brilliant things waiting around the corner for us!!

  2. Thouraya I'm so sorry for your loss. A very sad time in your life indeed. My thought are with you.
    ... and then to have all that other crap too. Sometimes life just totally unfair. So very unfair for sure.
    Right now I wish I lived in Sydney again just so that I could come over and fold a basket of washing or two for you.

  3. Love you my beautiful friend - and love your honesty and sharing with everyone. Takes a lot of courage. Hopefully see you soon - would love to catch up with you! I'm thinking Thursday? Are you free Thursday? Love Christelle. xoxo

  4. May the adventures that come next be filled with joy and delight xxx

  5. Oof - an insane amount of random things all at once. Sorry for the loss of your little one :( I hope the rest of the year is full of happiness and good freak accidents. xo

  6. So sorry to hear about all your awful experiences. Thanks for your openness in sharing with us! It's so inspiring that you can keep going and keep smiling and see the blessings, such as your gorgeous girls! It was lovely to see you on Saturday but I'll try to find a time soon to visit you and the little munchkins!

  7. We are so sorry about what happenned to you we wish you all the best for the future and we will pray for you so that you will see only happiness! xoxo from all the ismail family in tunisia

  8. Sounds like you are having a super crappy run. So sorry. Hope things pick up for you !


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