20 November 2009 Daily Inspiration

I am a fool and keep missing my landmark posts....there was 100 and now 200 gone by without a moments notice...I am sorry....I wanted to do something special....fingers crossed for 300!

I will also be future blogging for this weekend as we are heading to Cooma and Canberra for the weekend...relaxing with family and an engagement party are the order of the weekend!

I am packing my camera and tripod and have some ideas that I have been busting to shoot....hopefully I can secure some models down there and return with a bounty of beautiful photographs to add to the pool.

Today's inspiration comes from the photographer Madeline Donovan. She studied at the ANU School of Arts with me many moons ago. I love her work and it has been great to the progression of it over the years. She combine acrobatics with photography resulting in the beautiful and amazing images below. For more see her profile on the NAVA site HERE.


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