9 November 2009 Daily Inspiration

I am currently twiddling my thumbs waiting for them the announce the Canon Photo5 finalists (I doubt I will be selected but I am VERY interested in seeing who they do select!!!)....apparently it will happen BY tonight which could mean anytime!!! Ah the insanity of waiting for the pot to boil.
So I have been thinking as we have opened the theme up for a month in the daily inspiration I would like to explore a broader range of photographers for inspiration. They could all still fit under the umbrella of the theme but I thought I would let you know that I am going to take it further!!

I had images in my head this morning but could not for the life of me think of the photographer's name and then it hit me out of the blue 'Tina Barney'. I love her images for their stories and their beauty....I have attached quite a few today...I hope you enjoy...especially if you too are twiddling your thumbs waiting for something!

Modern Day Tina Barney

Marina’s Room, 1987

Marina and Peter, 1997


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