2 November 2009 Daily Inspiration

Welcome to the improved Amelie and Atticus Photography and Craft Challenge

We have changed the guidelines a bit to make it easier and more open for you to contribute images. There will be one word/theme per month and you can upload as many photos or photos of craft projects as you like!!!!

I hope this will inspire you to have a play and get involved!! I will also announce the prize earlier on in the month!

For Novembers theme I have chosen

'Light in the Darkness'

in response to this you can choose to interpret it in any way. For me I was inspired by the Canon Photo5 competition and my work for the brief 'Practically Black'. I loved the way the image below turned out and it has inspired me to explore more themes within this style. I decided to add the light to the darkness to open it up and give a wider range for the images!

This is another image I love from the same photo shoot but it wasn't dark enough for the brief....I have added it to the Flickr Group....

I hope you have fun with this theme and the relaxing feeling of having a month to play with as few or many photos and projects as you like!!

Head over to Flickr and see what has already been loaded!


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