Rainbow Crochet Squares

HURRAH, this week I finished my Rainbow Crochet squares! 

I spent some time over the weekend weaving in all the loose ends and re-doing one dodgy square!

After 6 months of hard work* they are all ready to be sewn into a lovely blanket!

Light Centres

Dark Centres

The Rainbow Inspector Approves!

I thought I would give you a little story of how these square came to be...

I was originally inspired by this blanket here:

I tried to duplicate the pattern and make the squares the same but I didn't really like how it looked:

I did some tweaking and made my own pattern that I found worked better for me!

I tried to mix the colours up as with the original blanket that inspired me:

I didn't like the look with the shades of wool I had so I hunted down 2 different shades of each colour for my final squares!

I am really happy with how they turned out and I can't wait to see them all stitched together!

* By hard work what I really mean is a few squares per Brown Owls Meeting, over some cake and iced coffee!


  1. It's lovely! Nice to see that I could inspire you to make you're own! Enjoy your blanket!!! Evy

  2. The squares look fabulous, now for the 'fun' part of sewing them together ;-)

  3. They look so amazing, you must be very patient!

  4. Fabulous. Love a simple granny square. I'm doing african flower motifs at the moment and am TOTALLY addicted!

  5. Love the squares, the colours and white together!

  6. Lovely colours and squares, will make a beautiful cheery blanket.

  7. I wish you had this pattern written out. Its the perfect square I've been searching for.


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