Amelie's Geranium Dress

I have had the Geranium dress pattern from Made by Rae since it came out. I have wanted to make dresses for the girls, but lacked the direction. Since they also don't have any green dresses I thought this was the perfect time...and I love the idea that it is a mini washi dress too!

In the end my favourite design was similar to the Oliver+S Bubble dress minus the bubble and with pleats. I must lean towards this style a lot!

I am looking forward to trying out some of the many styles with this pattern...there maybe some tunics in the future!

 Amelie styled herself for the photoshoot adding the scarf, flower and bow. She was very excited for the 'fashion show' and wants to send out some invites for another performance...I am hoping she has forgotten all of this by the time I come home today!

 Amelie wanted to add pink to the dress and I found this lovely Alannah Hill trim that I still had enough of! Hurrah! The buttons are brown, much to her horror but they reminded me of the Gumnut babies and we had no matching pink ones!

The fabric is a lovely May Gibbs print from Spotlight! 


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous and I am running (make that sprinting) to Spotlight tomorrow to secure some of that fabric. I grew up on Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and hope my little one does too :) Fingers crossed they have it!!

  2. Sweet dress and very cute fabric :) Lisa x

  3. I have an Amelie too! I spell her name "Amalie".

    Beautiful girl! Beautiful dress!


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