Maternity Washi Dress

I have been itching to make another Washi dress since my first one HERE!
I thought the style would lend itself to a maternity dress so I took the leap this week and made a maternity version. 

I have a birthday party coming up with a green theme and the only green dress I have is skin tight so I wanted to make something nice that would fit!

I am currently 5 months pregnant so I bumped up the size to fit my measurements and then took it up one more size to allow for growth. This is the size XXL on the Washi Pattern by Made by Rae. It is really roomy and comfortable, while still maintaining a lovely style which are my top picks for maternity clothes!

This is how we roll!

A little sneak peak of the children's version's I also made that I will share this week!


  1. It looks great. I've been eyeing off the Washi dress for a while now... perhaps I need to stop procrastinating!!

  2. I like this pattern! Looks cute!


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