A Vintage Rainbow

This week I finished the final all colour vintage sheet quilt top!


It's a bit of a non-rainbow colour but there are so many lovely vintage browns I thought I would give it a go!

So now the VINTAGE RAINBOW is complete!

You know...except for the whole quilting and binding part eh?

Some more Rainbow goodness and shots of the girls testing out the cosiness of the quilt tops! 

 zzzzz....so sleepy!


  1. Purple still wins me. But they're all awesome!! A lot of work there! Some beautiful fabrics.

  2. I love the purple best too.I think its the tiny daisy print in there that lures me so.

  3. Wow, they are all beautiful. I made a purple one last year, but I really like your green one and the pink also. x

  4. I love your fabrics and the way you've grouped your colours. I'm just starting to lay out my vintage sheet quilt, my first ever quilt. I'm enjoying it. Cx

  5. They are all so beautiful. Your sense of colour is amazing!

  6. SO lovely! I recently went to a quilting fair and as a non-quilter I was amazed and wooed in to buying some squares. Let's see if my friend can help me get started!

  7. It looks great. What a great thrifty idea.


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