Make It Count

Amelie, Clementine and I made a video this week as a project!

You can see it HERE! Please excuse any dodginess as it's our first video ever...but I think Amelie did a good job!

It is a summary of the first 5 seasons of the web series The Guild!

Amelie wanted to dress up as Clara (in the light blue costume)...and here is her favourite fan art of the series (Ponies...awesome awesome Ponies):

This week we've been basking in the springtime...and raiding our favourite clover patch for crowns and 4 leaf clovers!

We (did I say we? I meant I) cleaned the girl's room...yes this is a huge effort worth noting here!

Note it I say!

WOW floor!!! 

And though Clementine is dressed as Cinderella she really didn't get down to scrubbing those floor boards!

We were blessed this week with a visit from the girls' Aunites and Cousins! It's rare around here with a large distance between family so it was great to catch up...Amelie was in tears when they left and reminds me everyday how much she misses them!

There's always room for a twirl shot!


  1. Hehehe, my bedroom always looked like that when I was little.


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