Make It Count

We've been kicking it Old School this week...we got some Hula Hoop action going!

The girls had their first visit to a salon for a spring haircut...

Amelie putting on a brave face!

Clementine was not amused and ended up having a few tears!

The both got a small reward for their bravery...
A Pony Wedding...

and Alice (the mini one!)

Some craft we got up to this week...making flower fairies with bits from the garden...putting them between two sheets of contact paper to make beautiful window decorations!

These decorations have now been moved to the girls room to allow some new artwork to be put on display...

I spied these two in my husband's studio and grabbed them just before they were painted over!

Thank goodness as they are a couple of my favourites...which will now be living it up in my studio!


more awesome art HERE!


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