Vintage Sheet Quilt Top Completed!

This week I made the 4 squares whole!

And now my vintage sheet quilt top is done and will lie in wait for the day I get a chance to quilt it so I thought I would share photos now as that may be a while!

Sneaky little Clementine...poor girl just wanted to jump on the bed the whole time!
Never fear she got her wish moments after this photo was taken!

I am not 100% in love with it - otherwise I'm sure I would be into the quilting of it already - I wonder if I should have left out the darker squares - or only used scraps I loved - but on the other hand I am pretty impressed that my scraps made something that big!

Now onto the smaller size squares!


I cut out 324 squares

Each square was cut 6 inches by 6 inches

Seam Allowance was 1/2 inch

I made 36 medium squares made up of 9 squares each

the I made 4 large squares made up of 9 of the medium squares each

This ended up creating a large queen size quilt top!

Which may or may not make it onto our bed...I just have to butch it up a bit to meet husband approval standards? 

Suggestions anyone?

Perhaps some strategically placed hammers?

Oh wait...that's for me again!


  1. I love it! I always feel a little let down when I finsih a quilt, should I have done this or that with colour's and fabrics. go on quilt it, use it and love it! It would make such a lovely picnic rug for the girls.

  2. I think it looks wonderful. I find the colour part of quilts really tricky

  3. It looks magnificent! WHat a wonderful job you've done of it. It will be adored for many, many years to come. Wishing you a lovely Friday :)

  4. I love the randomness of it; I hope it grows on yu and you quilt it soon:) Cyndy

  5. i think its gorgeous! and the quilting will tone down the brights that are kind of glaring a little, i found that with the vintage quilt i did. nice one! :)sarah

  6. it looks gorgeous!!!
    and love the quilty maths :D


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