Make It Count

It's been a fun week around these parts...

Flower Crowns

Playing with the photo lights...

Painting Alice with food colouring!

Some lovely outdoor play together....I love that they are at the age where they can play together...but it's rare to catch on film..they love playing with little characters like princesses and witches at the moment! It's great to hear the little conversations they have together!

Just some angels hanging out at the park!


  1. YOur girls are so precious, they remind me so much of my eldest when they were the same age, their wonderful conversations would keep me smiling for hours. I am so lucky that I taped some of thes such conversations when they were playing, and I still have the cassettes! (yes I feel old) I must get them transferred to CD's I play them sometimes when no one is home, it puts such a smile on my face. You should think about secretly video taping them.

    1. Yes I am going to try and covertly tape them cause as soon as they see me they stop!!


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