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This week I am working on some white summer dresses for my upcoming market debut! I was going to embroider them with red thread saying things like 'sweet', 'darling' and the like but after sewing them I kind of like them pure white...what do you think?

PS I love the top image..Amelie is wearing my ballet shoes from my childhood!

ALSO I have extended my Linen and Lace giveaway so if you haven't entered pop on over:

My dress is in need of some love today so please click HERE and give my dress 5 hearts...I have really appreciated you support this past month - only 5 days left HURRAH!


  1. those ballet shoes were what caught my attention over at "our creative spaces".
    i love the white dresses, so romantic and summery!

  2. me again... i went and rated your dress with 5 hearts! it's beautiful and the tights are fabulous with it!

  3. Oh I love the simplicity of the dress. Leave it white - it adds to it's charm.
    Wish I had a little girl to put in one. It is darling.

  4. ooh love the ballet shoes.
    but yes i love them white, just gorgeous!

  5. I love the white dresses! They look great as they are but would also look great with embroidery. Ack, no help here I'm afraid :)


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