Vitnage Sheet Swap Haul

In the midst of my crazy market sewing I recieved my vintage sheet fat quarters from the swap!

Special thanks to Green Tea and Red Nails for all the hard work you put into it!

It is an amazing haul and I can't wait to start making some dresses from the fabrics!

I also bought a beautiful vintage dress from Green Tea and Red Nails which came in the pack too! So cute...she adores the heart shaped buttons!

 ...and in closing doesn't Amelie make awesome faces when you ask for a 'smile' - so cute!


  1. Oh wow! Just found you and started following your blog after finding you at Green Tea and Red Nails! :) I'm going to do the FQ swap this time too! Can't wait! Your stash form last time looks amazing! :) Please stop by Just For Daisy and visit! :)


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