Make It Count

The day started out with pigtails...lots of them! 

Above is Clementine's first hairstyle ever...just enough hair to pop into elastics!

Amelie joined in with a full head of pigtails!

We took a drive into Shorties to drop off some capes and bloomers...the girls had so much fun playing with all the toys!

Amelie spent the day learning how to use some child's scissors and she made some amazing ears above...

..some 'gukies' (her made up word for anything!)

And an elephant...raising it's trunk in this photo!

 In the afternoon we went down to the post office....library...park and the shops to pick up some afternoon tea. We set up the table in the backyard and enjoyed some little lamingtons...YUM!

What did you get up to this week??

Join in and share a link to something you did this week to make it count!


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