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In my creative space today...I have my two little angels...and a nice little production final run of capes before the markets - waiting for their necks to be sealed. A size 8 Ponyo awaiting some elastic before she heads out into the world....two little Peter Pan dresses...and a pile of's going to be one busy day!!

FYI - we totally made it count yesterday but the universe was against me posting it...the final straw was when my computer didn't recognise my camera?!?! What?!?! You guys have been friends since birth...thankfully they made up this morning to make my creative space possible!

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  1. WOW! You are very busy today. Good luck getting ready for your market.

  2. I love a good production line. Hope you got through heaps!

  3. Hope your sew-a-thon was a good one and that you got lots done. I love those pink dots. Must get some.


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