Mini Capes


If you are on Facebook you will have already seen the lovely Clementine modelling these...if not head over now!

I made four mini capes on the weekend for the 1-2 year olds!

I like the toadstool cape and the pink clouds the best!

Today I will be sewing more vintage spring dresses...I will post the results soon!


  1. They are just gorgeous!! LOVE the lining of them... beautiful :)

  2. So sweet! Shame my wee girl's too big for one of these :-( I'd choose the pink clouds... gorgeous!

  3. These capes are delightful! If no-one beats me to it, I'm going to snap up the strawberry one. I just wrote a post about the beautiful strawberry lined size 3 cape I bought from you for my daughter, Amelie - thank you again! Teresa

  4. Hi Thouraya,
    I love your capes! Will contact you as soon as I have a little girl... ;)
    All the best with your #3!!


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