Thrift Shop Finds

This week I went to my local vinnies store in search of vintage sheets, which of course I didn't find! Instead I found lots of other goodies!

Most of my local op shops are overpriced - about twice what I'd want to pay - so I prefer to stick to the country stores but sometimes there are awesome finds I can't pass up!

Like this little love of Vintage Strawberry Shortcake and Sewing Combined!

A shame it didn't have the original thimble with it! Now I must fight to keep Amelie's mitts off it!

A nice selection of books...some picked by Amelie (the orange books at the top) an some by me!

Her new favourite is 'That's not my Dolly'

I adore this 'Thinking Book' - beautiful illustrations!

An awesome (and a little bit freaky) Blythe knock-off with changing eye colour!

A collection of Ric Rac - I love those old cards!

A pair of shoes each for the girls - I love the little leather handcrafted ones...amazing and they appear to have never been worn!

And lastly Amelie has proven herself to be a keen eyed op-shoper at the wee age of 3 as she spotted this lady bird fairy costume amongst the racks, it is awesome and she has been wearing it ever since!

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  1. Awesome finds. I love the thinking book and the cool ric rac.

  2. That is quite possibly some of the best op shopping collection I have seen in some time. I am extremely jelous of the strawberry shortcake pin cushion and I love the Thinking Book illustrations - I found a book very similar last weekend...not to metnion the ric rack! Good work

  3. Wow, you have been lucky. Great finds here! My daughter would love that fairy costume.

  4. What a strange doll! Love the ric rac - great labels!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. love the ric rac and the little shoes are just gorgeous! great finds!

  6. I must say that ladybug fairy costume is wonderful! Also love the old ric rac cards; very cool. Children's books are so fun to find as well.

    But that doll.... she is a bit creepy.

  7. Great finds! I love that Strawberry Shortcake Pin Cushion, and the thinking book is great. My daughter loves it! We have that one and a few others in the series, colors, time, etc..

  8. Such a cool pincushion! I love that! The rickrack is awesome!

    My son had "That's Not My Truck" as a little one and loved it, too!

  9. So many good finds! I love the strawberry shortcake pin cushion so sweet!

    E :)


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