Sewing Up a Storm

This week my husband took the girls to Cooma to visit the family so I could sew and go to work (YAH!) it was his last long weekend as we soon switch days (me to two and him to three)!

I made the most of my time by spending it at the cutting table and sewing machine!

A sneak peak of my linen and lace dress...the last little lacey bit to sew on! HURRAH! Next week I will have all my proper pictures done! Ooo...can you see the invisible zip the end it was super easy I thought I had missed a step?!?!

I was going to turn this fabric into another cape when I remembered the whole reason I got it was to make this pinafore for Clementine! So I got stuck into it! It was very simple and I traced it off one we already own...the only thing I did different was use a fun zig zag stitch to join the can just see it in the above picture!

I love it and can't wait to dress her up!

And here is the pile of clothes that I sewed while the kidlets were away! Now I just need to take photos and list them in the shop early next week!

So now I need the weather to stay good so I can get loads of photos!

Lessons I have learnt after my first week without ANY kids:

1. Next time I will sew less, chill out more and go out on the town

2. I am addicted to The Hunger's probably good the kids were away so I could read read read!

3. I like to watch many many silly movies when left to my own devices...

4. My best sewing times are 11am - 6pm...sewing outside of that time will result in sleeves sewn backwards and other misadventures!

5. I really miss having someone around to make me a cup of tea!

6. I really missed my family...A LOT....A LOT MORE than I was expecting!

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  1. It's funny, sometimes we wait to be without the children, and then when they are gone we are wishing they were there:) Glad you got things done, but glad they are coming home soon! Cyndy

  2. The pinafore is stunning, maybe I should sew one for myself!


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