Thrift Shop Finds

These thrift shop finds are from our most recent trip to Cooma...and as usual I hit my favourite shop - The Salvos!

A nice mix of fabric, needles, patterns, and bits and pieces!

I love these patterns - especially the one on the right...sadly it is a doll pattern - but I am sure I can scale it up a bit!

Some Frankie mags! An amazing find as I could no longer afford to subscribe but love their inspirational goodness!
And a vintage nightie, which I was going to wear but decide to use as lining for some little dresses - although I do intent to use the front piece for something nice!

More Flea Market Finds HERE


  1. What great finds, those patterns look lovely.

  2. I love patterns! so fun!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  3. You'll have to stop making me so jealous.....

  4. GREAT finds - you must have an awesome local salvos! :)

  5. OHHH Love the patterns and the nightie is really lovely!

  6. i so love finding patterns too. awesome finds!


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