Spring Top Sewalong 2011

French Inspired Tunic Top

I have always wanted to enter the Spring Top Sewalong...and as luck would have it I stumbled upon the perfect project by accident.

I was hunting for some thread in my mum's sewing box when I found this fabric...I spirited it away and put it in my stash. When I opened it out I found it was a partly constructed top that I started in my early teens (half a lifetime ago...literally). I wore it around for a day and loved it as a rough tunic top and was inspired to make it into a proper top. The fabric reminded me of the French flag and I wanted to use that as inspiration to make a comfortable and stylish top that I can wear around the house or strolling the streets of Paris (dare to dream!).

There were no finished edges...just selvages....the fabric folded in half with one sitched side seam...neck sewn down and arm holes cut out:

Check out the rough neckline with fabric caught up:

To make the top I cut a few inches off the bottom to make a tab at the back and shorten the length.

I re-sewed the side and shoulder seams and overlocked them. I folded the sleeve edge twice, stitched a casing and threaded elastic through 3/4 of it to gather the top and make a small cap sleeve. I unpicked the neckline and sewed a red knitted fabric as a bias strip. I used the same knitted fabric to make the bow, which I attached with a large safety pin for some days you feel like putting a bow on it and others you don't!

The finished top:

Due to the tab and 2 buttons on the back it has two settings 1. Slim (above) and 2. Loose (below)

Back View in Slim mode:

The top is super easy to make, super comforatable and stylish to boot!

I will make a tutorial later this week if you would like an easy Spring top to whip up. Due to the loose nature of the top it can also be worn over long sleeve tops and cardigans if you are enjoying the Autumn of the southern hemisphere like me!

EDIT: Get the tutorial HERE


  1. The buttons at the back are fab - please do a tutorial!

  2. This is beautiful! I definitely want to make one, can't wait to see the tutorial!


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