My Weekend

This weekend I:

Made my first Adult Cape!

Went on an impromptu trip to Newtown with the husband and his sister - had a lovely lunch, shopped up King Street and ended up at the Finders Keepers markets - the most amazing thing was that the girls were well behaved...I never thought I could do Newtown with 3 littlies (ours and our nephew) the time we got to Finders Keepers Amelie was fast asleep in the pram and we had some afternoon tea before hitting the markets. Above (and below) are the goodies I picked up on the day...$10 top goodness! And I finally went into the awesome button shop...not pictured is Amelie's choice of button which was a little pink paint tube.

I also received the most tragic news that a friend I used to work with passed away on the weekend after giving birth to identical twin girls. She was such a lovely person and what she wanted most in life was to have a family. She also has a son who is just one. I am absolutely floored by this news and am devastated that she cannot be with her beautiful children as they grow up. I am sure her spirit will not be leaving their side!

So please hold your littles ones that much tighter and enjoy all the special moments as much as you can for those who can't. Go and give someone you love a cuddle and let them know how much they mean to you!

And finally a bittersweet moment in the sadness: Amelie gave me cuddles and consolled me saying 'it's alright we'll get you home' and 'it's alright, do you want a treat?'


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