As part of my employers rebranding they were giving out pots of our new company colour...I jumped at the chance as I have been wanting to paint up some board for portraits and product photos but have not had the chance to go to a paint shop!

During the week I painted up the board and on the weekend Amelie and I had a little photo shoot. I love some of the images and Amelie loved the enducement...probably the biggest lollypop she has ever seen!

The dress is a Christening gown I made in high school and have been holding onto for my children's Christenings...naturally is was too big for them and Andy's family has a lovely gown that all his siblings (bar one twin) have been Christened in and we used that.

Amelie spied the dress in the cupboard a few weeks ago and asked to wear it...I told her it wouldn't fit but lo and behold it did and she felt like a princess!

For more photos from this session head over HERE


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