Alice in Progress

I showed you a little hint of this in my creative space...and here is a little more!

It is going to be a mini Tim Burton's Alice Costume for Clementine to wear at her Alice in Wonderland 1st Birthday Party this weekend!

Alice in Wonderland

I have simplified many of the features, taken out the v-shaped waist and condensed the top of the dress to a lace feature. I hope that the other elements will keep it true to the original dress!

I drafted a pattern from an existing dress and tinkered around with it to fit what I had in mind!

I traced the embroidery from images on the net and edited and resized it to fit the dress. I will use mostly back stitch and chain stitch to bring it to life!

Buttons ready to be sitched into the front opening!

Dress without the embroidered bottom panel!

Apologies for the dodgy photos but it was nightime...and I wanted to catch it at this stage before it was finished!


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