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Is all full up today...I am continuing this binge of selfish sewing (can 2 items be considered a binge?) I have finally begun sewing a dress for work from this awesome vintage pattern...I hope to finish it this weekend so I can wear it to work next week!

I also received an order for an adult Ponyo costume which is very exciting and I will be using this vogue pattern and altering it to suit the costumes needs!

Last but not least I have begun embroidering a dress for Clementine's first birthday party, which is just over week away...can you guess what this dress will be?

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  1. Nice work! Two items is most definitely not a binge!

    I really love the second view of that Vogue pattern - the one without a collar. I should get back into attempting to sew clothes again sometime. It just occurred to me that the skirt I'm part way through sewing (gave up when sewing a zipper along a curved side seam got too much for my PhD-addled brain) would probably fit me again now. Wow! (See - you're inspiring!)

  2. I agree, two's not a binge. I love that vintage pattern.

  3. I'm so intrigued by the Ponyo costume!! The vogue patterns look so lovely - I wish I was clever enough to make my own dresses! :)

  4. Love both those dress patterns! Could you post a photo of your progress please? I would love to see how you go. I can vicariously live through someone else's dress making.


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