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This is a project I have had on the agenda but could not focus on till I finished the rainbow! My nephew asked me if I could make him a 'Sack Boy'...and after searching found a good pattern for him HERE. BUT it was my first ever Amigurumi, and I was a little wary...and with good cause...I have a habit of having tighter stitches so I find it hard to crochet into crochet and my little wrist is feeling it now! But I am going to finish him and he is going to be awesome and extremely valuable as he is the only one I am going to do....ever*!

This week I also made a super quick and easy Mermaid skirt for my daughter (procrastination before diving into Sack Boy) and will have the tutorial up for it soon!

Don't forget to enter this weeks fabric giveaway....BELOW...more colours to follow in the coming weeks!

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(*never say never I may perhaps renig one day if one of my daughters bats her eyelashes at me and I have a week or two at my disposal!)


  1. Oh my goodness he's going to turn out so cute! I doubt he'll be your last because once others catch sight of him they are going to be begging you to make more. :)

  2. Oh, he's so cute - I hope the nephew adores him and appreaciates the effort you're going to!

  3. Ooooo you're SOooooo clever! Bet the orders will be pouring in ;)


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