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So...I was making these beautiful dresses and then I got to the final step where you add the buttonholes and found out that I couldn't get a good set of buttons out of my today I will have to pop down and find some buttons to match so I can finally finish them off!

Until then I thought I would give you a sneak peek...which is basically a whole peek, showing the full dresses because I am a little over excited...but I will give them a proper post each when they are completed, ironed and photographed!

Yes that's Belle and Boo fabric
(ah my heart sings! I love it AND I still have over half of it left...what to do next?)

Left - 6-12m size for Clementine in fabric from Little Betty's giveaway

Right - 18-24m for Amelie in Belle and Boo Fabric

Amelie's eyes lit up when she saw her dress 'oooo Sleeping Beauty Dress'

PS Want some free fabric? Enter this weeks Giveaway

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  1. These are so gorgeous, I love the fabrics you've chosen, so funky.

  2. You've done such a beautiful job. The dresses looks fantastic, and the fabrics are just lovely.

  3. wow, your dresses are beautiful, but i can't get over your babies names. BEAUTIFUL!!!! and Flute. I remember reading a book where a characer was called flute, the name of the book escapes, me, but the name Flute never has.


  4. Thanks guys!

    Bianca - we got Flute's name from the Belgariad series by David Eddings!!! Note sure if that is where you saw it too!

  5. The fabrics are gorgeous - particularly the sleeping beauty - I'm a sucker for whimsical illustration. Mismatched buttons could look cute, if you keep them all about the same diameter and picked up the tones in each dress (how else is a girl to use up those super cute vintage buttons you only have one of)


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